According to the latest statistics, roughly 31 million tons of garbage are generated every year in Canada. Sadly, 2015 numbers indicated that just 30 percent of that waste was recycled. As a result, landfill sites began to reach full capacity. Many reputable waste removal companies recognized this growing problem. In response, they stepped up their game to recycle more. Whether dealing with furniture disposal of just one or two pieces or a bulk waste pickup, there are many benefits of hiring an eco-friendly junk removal company.
  • Saving the Environment – Obviously, this is the number 1 benefit. Whether you are interested in residential waste removal services or having old and unwanted items taken out of your business, the efforts help improve the environment.
  • Toxic Materials – The top-rated junk removal companies handle potentially dangerous materials in a safe and efficient manner. For example, old car batteries, cleaning products, chemicals for the lawn and garden, paint and paint thinner, and other similar items get disposed of based on environmental laws. As a result, these harmful contaminants never end up in soil or water, where they would harm the environment, as well as animals and humans.

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