Although there is no such thing as free junk removal, there are affordable services available that help with eliminating junk from your property. The two most common services include renting a dumpster, which involves a company coming to pick up junk once the dumpster is full, and actual junk removal, whereby professionals show up to get rid of unwanted items from your home. Because there are some differences between the two options for residential junk removal, you need to compare the two so that you can determine which one is the right choice for your situation.
While renting a dumpster and having experts come to your property to load things that you no longer want into their trucks are both affordable solutions, each is unique. For example, with a dumpster rental, you make a formal agreement with a waste removal company to have a dumpster placed at your home for a specific amount of time. During that period, you throw things into the dumpster. Once full, or after you have placed all of the waste inside, you contact the company to have it removed.
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